Battle of Bullet App - Download 2021

Now create your own stories and play a wonderful and interesting FPS game. Become an army person and give your bullets a move. This is the war between and soldiers and the bad guys of town. You are selected as the man of part of the game and you have to finish those guys who are making your area bad.

Battle Of Bullet Game is a new interesting action game that allows you to start a war against enemies with violence and end with peace. In this game, you are a silent fighter and you have a sniper to kill your country's enemies. You are going to be a hero of the war world.


Play Store Rating: 3.7/5.0

Installs: 1,000,000

Size: 29MB

Price: Free (contains ads)


Best GamePlay:

This is a totally free game that means to say that you are not restricted in this game. You can go anywhere you want. Do anything you want to do. You can kill the enemy with your own styles. The GamePlay is yours - just create and play.

Best Offline Game:

If you don't have an internet connection and don't want to play online. Then you can easily create your own single-player gameplay to enjoy the game. This is a good feature that this is an offline and online game, and you can play it as you want.

Super Control:

Like the other best games this game is also a super-powerful game control. You can choose as you want to play. There is no restriction in controls.

High-Quality Graphics:

Don't be worry about graphics. If you have really good graphics then you are going to love this game because this game also has good graphics. Its graphics make the game more addictive.

Best Online Game:

As you have read that this is an online game also. Yes, you can choose your enemies online. This game provides an amazing online multiplayer mode.


You are scared that enemies will kill you because of low-quality weapons then you don't have to be scared. There is the best high-quality weapons store to choose your favorite weapons to kill your enemies.

Upgrade your skills:

If you are not a professional player then it's a good idea to upgrade your skills and energy of war. Play this game for a while and after that, you'll feel that you are an army person now.


Guys, this was humble information about the battle of bullet games. I have shared all the things that you need to know before you play. Now it is upon you that you'll play or not. This is not a bad game. Just try once - if you like then it is good otherwise there is also a button to uninstall the game.


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