How to Increase Page-Loading Speed in Blogger?

In this article, I'll tell you about some common things to increase page-loading speed in blogger. By reading this article you can increase your website speed. So read it carefully and apply this formula to your website and get better speed.

Speed - the loading time of your blog is a very important role in SEO. If itis good then you can easily do other rules of SEO. You can increase website speed and attract the viewers. This is a good idea to increase website speed or your blog speed. Speed means page opening time. When we open any website it takes little time to load. Many websites take much and many take it little. 

Websites, that opens rapidly are the best websites in the world. On the other hand, websites that take huge time to open are more disliked website.

How to increase page speed of a website?

There are many advantages of fast website speed. Your viewers will be attracted. It is good for getting Adsense approval fast. It helps to grow the website. Moreover, if your website is faster then you are successful.

Topics we have to do,

  • Theme

  • Ads & scripts

  • Pictures & Video

  • Homepage

  • Widgets

Only these 5 topics are enough for you to increase your website speed. Let's speed it up.

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1. Theme.

            Theme means "How your blog is looking?". The theme should not be more beautiful but it should be simple. It should be the same with your niche. If your blog is about biology then it should not be about technology.  It means that you should use a theme relating to the topic.

            Don't use high quality and responsive theme before getting approval by Adsense or after this. Always use a simple and smart theme. It looks beautiful to you then don't use it because it may be irritating for any other. So test your theme in many ways by open your website on different browsers. It will be helpful for you.

2. Ads and scripts.

       If you have got Adsense approval or using any other way to show ads on your website then keep in mind that don't put any ads on your website. Viewers will know that you are just showing ads to make money. So put ads like a gentleman. Never put many ads on the homepage. There should be only 2 or 3 ads. So don't irritate any person.

        Our next topic is scripted. It also irritating work to put many scripts on the website. This script may about animation or any other. So, don't use high loading scripts in your theme.

3. Pictures and videos.

       It is also an important option to increase website speed. Compressor crops your pictures before uploading. Use good software for this task. Don't use an image containing a size above 150kb. Decease decreases and decrease.   Decrease image size to increase page speed. It is a good idea to embed videos in place of uploading. If your pictures or videos will take time to load then the user should forget about other things to load.

4. Homepage.

          When someone opens your blog from your URL then he will be sent to the homepage first. If the homepage is good and attractive then your blog is good and attractive. So, make your blog homepage short, smart and simple. Don't show many posts on the homepage. Show only 4 or 5 posts on the homepage. 

Posts should be minimized, which means set it as short. Show only a short description of posts. Don't show full posts.

5. Widgets.

      The sidebar contains gadgets and the footer section also keeps some gadgets. It shows some information about your blog. Use simple and fewer gadgets on the blog. Don't put many gadgets on the website. Don't use any widgets which have to many loading time. If you are using a popular post gadget then only show 6 or 7 posts in suggestion.

Final words,

       These were five tips for you to increase page-loading speed in blogger. These will be helpful for you. If you are facing any other problem then please don't hesitate to comment or contact me. Keep in touch with me for more tips.


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