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When you want to hide or when you want to use unlimited free VPN then there is a good choice for you - that is Bit VPN. Yes, this is the best VPN but not at all because everything in the world has to aspects - one will be always good and another one may be bad. Yes, there are some issues only for some users - not for all.

This is a free VPN as well as a paid VPN. In the paid version of this VPN, you can enjoy more proxies and unlimited MBs but in the free version, there are limits that you can use only US proxy and there is a short number of MBs that you can use to hide. There are too many ads in the free version of this VPN.

There are some things that can make you use the free version of Bit VPN. You can get 25-75MB for daily in check-ins and on starting you will be given 400-500MB but there is good news that Bit VPN is offering an unlimited free trial for seven days. It means that you can use this VPN unlimited for seven days. 

Fast VPN - Yes this is also a good quality of this VPN, that is this VPN is very fast. I have used this VPN for a month. The experience was good but there was a little problem that it disconnects automatically. This thing was annoying but the other features like speed and user interface are very good.  

The next thing is the quality of this VPN, the quality of this VPN is good there are not any annoying things and bad experiences. This VPN has a clean interface, mostly I like the user-interface of this VPN. Good animations, good graphic, and good icons are very interesting. 

After all, the things we are wondering about that - is this VPN is secure and safe? They say that you are secured but I have read somewhere that don't trust on the free version of any VPN. We don't know but you should keep these lines in your mind, that are - you should always use premium VPN for your business purposes. If you are just doing something like, you are unlocking some banned sites then you can use the free version but if you are some big deals or you have some secrets to share then use only trusted premium free VPN.

Download BitVPN 


How to get Trial?

It is easy to get an unlimited trial by Bit VPN. Just do this.

  1. Go to Google Play Store.

  2. Go to Payment Methods.

  3. Set any payment method.

  4. Now open Bit VPN.

  5. Click on 7-day trial.

  6. Done, You will get an unlimited trial for 7-days.

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Bit VPN is best for me because I use it only for little deals that are not more important. If you are a big businessman then you should try trusted Premium VPN. If you just want to unlock any site in your country then it is a good VPN. 

Guys this was little info about this VPN if you liked the article I mean Bit VPN review then share it like a bro.

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