YouTubers Common Mistakes in YouTube channel

Your YouTube channel is not growing and you are tensed about it. You want to know what some mistakes I'm making - then read this article carefully, recognize your mistakes and fix them now. Many YouTubers make these many mistakes in the beginning. They don't succeed and finally, they have to stop their Youtube channel.

After analyzing some common mistakes, and making them in the right way you can achieve success and grow on Youtube. You can also become a good Youtubers by reading this article. In this article, I'll explain some common mistakes of YouTubers. So, let's discuss this.

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1. You do not agree with your Channel's Topic  (Name).

Some YouTubers made a channel about tech. 5,7 or 10 days they shall upload videos about technology. When they have done with technology and have not enough content about the technology they change and start uploading cover songs.

If there are religious channels on youtube it will consist of some songs. This is the main mistake on your youtube channel.

First of all, choose some topics of your YouTube channel then think about enough content relating to the topic then start about it.

If you are making just kedgeree then keep it up and keep in mind that you will never be succeeded. So, first of all, analyze your topic and content relating to the topic.

You will be succeeded by following this simple tip that is - you should keep your niche in mind.

2. Video Background and Quality.

If you are making your video in your kitchen then just stop Youtube channel and start frying eggs. Because this is not your interest.

Viewers on youtube want a good and peaceful background. They don't have an interest in your kitchen or storeroom. So, make a good background. Use Green Screen as background. Edit it like a pro and rock.

Never make a video with less than 720p results. There is no value of 360p or 144p nowadays. Make a good background, make a good result and use a good microphone. Your voice quality and video background attract the viewers.

If there are a good background and nice noise then the viewer will be attracted to view your some more videos. If he will not get his interest then he will search about else. So, keep in mind about good voice and nice background.

3. Poor content.

If you are going to follow someone - don't do this because this is a useless idea. Don't make videos on published videos. Make new content or make something interesting in published videos. There are many topics to make video and there are many topics published. You can't use them as same. If you want to use them, then make sure that you making something interesting in it.

If your Channel is about the technology than don't make videos on the same topic. If you are an expert in anything like photoshop then don't make a video on photoshop basic because basic is explained, make something interesting and different.

4. Bad thumbnail.

I only scroll and watch the video by attractions of the thumbnail. There 90% percent of users around Pakistan, who only watch the video without reading the title.

They just view thumbnail. If it is interesting in thumbnail then they will watch the video. So, this is the biggest mistake of every Youtuber. They ignore thumbnail and set it default. So, use good software to make a beautiful thumbnail. If someone is attracted by your thumbnail then you are successful Youtuber.

5. Schedule.

On another side, a schedule is a key to success. If you are a student, if your tutor or if you are Youtuber then you need to follow the good schedule. So, make a good schedule for uploading videos on youtube. Make a good time for the channel. Many youtube viewers remember the timetable of their star. So, give the good hours to your fan.

6. Editing.

Editing is a very important step in the success of any Youtuber. Editing is the basic need of being youtube. You can upload a video without editing it.

So use costly (good) software to edit your video. Use good colors in your video. Use good effects in your video. Don't use childish effects. Edit like a pro. You can search on google or YouTube for a tutorial about editing. You can learn about good video editor and make your video attractive.

6. Wrong Keywords.

I want to search about, "How to make the salad?". I'll not search it as "salad kis trah bnate hain ye video dekhen (hindi)".

Because this is the wrong Keyword. People search only short keywords because they know they'll get their choice. So, use good and short keywords to rank. Keywords are the step to rank on youtube or google.

7. Bad Title.

On the other side, the title is also very important. Don't use the title to rank. You can rank with keywords, not with titles. Title affects the viewers.

Here is an example of a title,
If you have made a video about common blogger mistake then read these two titles.
(a) common mistakes of bloggers.
(b) top 10 common mistakes of bloggers.
I hope you are understood that which title is attractive. In title (a) you just told that in this video there are mistakes. But in (b) you told about some counted mistakes. This is the point of the title. So be careful about the title.

8. Spam comments.

In youtube or on other social sites many failure YouTubers ask people to subscribe to their channel. This is against youtube community standards guidelines.

They don't want to need Youtubers like these. Make good videos so every viewer may be affected by your video. He absolutely subscribes and like if there is something good. Don't comment to subscribe. Don't post as sub4sub. Don't irritate any person to like. This is also the biggest mistake to ask for like or subs.

9. Hurting Fans.

On the other side, many YouTubers hurt their fans. They make a thumbnail but there is nothing about thumbnail. Thumbnail and video are not the same. This is a very hurting thing to users. Don't hurt any person, if you are youtube or not. Make a good relationship with your fan.

9. Irritating intro.

To increase watch time many YouTubers make a long intro. I have watched many videos with a maximum 1-minute intro but there is nothing in the video. So make maximum intro should be 5 seconds and the minimum should 4 seconds. You can manage how will you perform intro in 4 seconds. This is a pro tip.

10. No Patience.

In every field of life, you should keep patience. If you are not growing then don't do wrong or illegal to grow. Be patience it takes time. Such a moment comes in every man's life when he loses hope. This is against man's dignity. A man should work hard to keep trying again and again.

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Guys these were some tips that many YouTubers make in the beginning. So, avoid these mistakes and get success. If you enjoyed this humble article then please comment. If the article is boring then I am really sorry because I am just new and don't know much about writing. In the Next article, I will try my best to touch your heart.


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