YouTube Channel Tips For Beginners (Pro Tips)

If you are new on YouTube and you have started a new channel then you must read these important YouTube tips. In this article, I am going to tell you some beginner YouTube tips. To grow on youtube you must read YouTube tips.

Video Content,

Before you start a new channel then you should think about your video content. Your content is the king of your channel.

This king will make you king. If you have started your channel and don't know about how to get video ideas then this article.

Otherwise, if you have good content then read the below tips to grow your channel.


Not only content is king. As I told the content will make you a king then listen, thumbnail makes content the king.

So, edit a good thumbnail about your video. Thumbnail should look like that it describes the whole story of content.

It should be attractive. One who looks at your thumbnail then he should not avoid your video. If thumbnail has some good look then the audience will definitely catch your video.

Top apps for Youtube.

You can use CANVA the online web app for making a good thumbnail.

Video introduction,

Do you know why other waste 30 seconds to 1 minute to introduce their video? They know that their watch time will be covered by this intro.

If your intro about the video is interesting then there may be chances that the user will watch the whole video.

So first, describe it in 30 seconds.

Channel Logo,

It also is a tip to grow, because there is a place for logo. The logo describes the channel. Make a beautiful and attractive logo relating to your channel.

This will fetch people to watch your channel. If someone comes to your channel then there are many chances to grow.

Uploading videos with SEO,

Uploading with full SEO is the main step to grow. You must rename the video before uploading the video.

You should add keywords and tags. Do proper SEO of video before uploading.


Collaboration is the supportive tip for new YouTubers to grow on youtube.

If you have 2000 Subscribers then find a person who has the same subscribers to your channel.

Ask him to collaborate. This will help in the success of your channel.

Response audience,

If you are new and ignoring your audience then you are ignoring your coins, your success, and channel.

This means that you should reply to them in comments or on other platforms where they are connected to you.

Share but avoid spam,

Share but ignore the spam, mean after proper SEO and uploading of your video to your channel, share it to your social platforms but don't paste it in youtube comments.

Maybe someone can report your comment. Don't ask people to watch and subscribe, do not irritate someone, let it be upon them.

Work regularly,

Regular work means you have to follow your schedules. If you are avoiding this point then all of the other points are waste for you.

Keep uploading videos regularly and wait for the result. I hope that it will give a better result.

Without following these tips you cannot grow your YouTube channel because just I am not saying this - every successful YouTuber says to upload videos by a good schedule.

Don't upload a large number of video, just upload one video on your fixed time.

Final Words,

If you liked my youtube tips then please share it. If you have more youtube tips (experts) then paste for newbies.

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